CREP Land Maintenance Assistance

Need help with maintenance of trees planted on CREP ground?
You could schedule some time for a forest technician at your site to walk the planting, helping you get on track with maintenance and improve survival. Cooperating agencies on this project are the Sullivan County Conservation District, the Bradford County Conservation District, the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service in Towanda, and the Farm Service Agency in Towanda. Also, some funding is provided by the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) Outreach Program Office (administered by the Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts, Inc.) The conservation district will be hiring a summer forest technician to do this work from May-August 2016. So if you know someone with forestry training looking for summer work, send them our way! Or if you are a landowner in Bradford or Sullivan Counties with trees planted through a CREP contract, make your appointment today by contacting the Farm Service Agency in Bradford County at (570)485-3145 or